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Educator Resources

We believe very strongly in the students, schools, and communities of West Michigan. The development of strong leadership skills, involvement in student activities and continued character development are crucial for the personal and educational success of all students. Every school seeks increased positive leadership on campus, but it can be difficult to find appropriate, meaningful ways to encourage and teach these skills. We are committed to making a difference in schools across West Michigan by helping provide various education programs and resources to help address some of these needs. From our NEW Educator Services Division to our National Renaissance Program, or our Commitment To Graduate™ initiative, there are resources available for every school.

Educator Services Division

Student Keepsakes and Jostens strive to make a difference in your school each and every day. To help organize our efforts, Jostens has created a NEW Division called Educator Services. Within this new division are hundreds of ideas and resources for schools to utilize throughout West Michigan. These ideas range from helping schools create a high-impact learning environment to maintaining a safe campus. While Jostens provides ideas and resources on the website, you are also able to communicate and share ideas with other administrators across the country. To learn more about the NEW Educator Services Division, click on the link below and be sure to register for full access to the site... Learn More

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Jostens Renaisance

For the past fifteen years, Jostens Renaissance has helped schools across the country recognize and reward the academic accomplishments of students and staff. Over the past five years, the Renaissance Program has caught on in Michigan and more schools are jumping on board each year. From increasing attendance and academic performance to creating a safe school environment, the Jostens Renaissance program is proven to work in schools. To begin the journey and learn more about the potential that lies within the Renaissance Program, click on the link below... Learn More

Educator resources

Commitment To Graduate™

With decreasing graduation rates becoming a major issue nationwide, Jostens has adopted a new initiative created by Lisa Spain called Commitment To Graduate™ (C2G). C2G™ is aimed at helping provide resources and ideas to schools across the country to help schools in their mission of graduating students from high school in 4 years. To discuss your specific needs or to find out how we can implement C2G™ in your school, please contact Aaron Hein - aaron.hein@jostens.com

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