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Working with schools to support them in their goal of graduating students in 4 years, and helping students celebrate their accomplishments with our world class products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Where can I contact you?
What types of payment are accepted?
Who do I make my deposit check or money order payable to?
Do I have to pay sales tax on shipping and handling?

Class Ring Questions

How much do I have to pay when ordering my class ring?
Do you have any payment plans for purchasing class rings?
When can I order my class ring?
What if I missed you at school?
How long will it take to receive my Class Ring?
How will I know when my class ring is being delivered and how do I pay the balance?
Is there a Warranty on a Jostens Class Ring?
What is the best process to have my Class Ring repaired or resized?
What do I do if my class ring is lost or stolen?

Graduation Questions

How much do I have to pay when ordering my graduation products?
Do I pay shipping and handling if I am only order a cap and gown?
How many announcements do I need to order?
Is my name in the announcement?
What if my address changes throughout the year?
What if my name is misspelled on any of my products?
How should my graduation gown fit me and what if it does not?
How do I care for my graduation gown?
What if I missed the order deadline at school?
When will my graduation products come in, how will I receive them, and how do I pay the balance?
Why have I received some of my graduation items, but not all of them?
What happens if I move before graduation?
What if I do not graduate?
What do I wear underneath my gown on graduation day?